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Run your first GraphQL Query


In order to follow along with this Action, you must have:

  • Open GraphQL tab from Home.


To demonstrate this action we'll use the SpaceX GraphQL API to test various operations.

  1. Select the request method POST from the drop-down menu and set the following API end-point in URL bar.
  2. Click the Fetch Schema, it will fetch the graphql schema and set on in the Explorer tab.
  3. Click on the Schema objects and construct your query according to your requirement. For this example, we'll fetch data about Launch Details

As per you click on the schema objects, the query will automatically generate in the playground area.

You can use the following query

query launchesDetails{  __typename  launches {    details    id    is_tentative    launch_date_local    launch_date_unix    launch_date_utc    launch_site {      site_id      site_name    }    launch_success    launch_year  }}
  1. After writing the query, hit the play button.

Pro Tip :

You can create Mutation same as we wrote the Query

Instead of manually writing the appropriate query syntax, use the tiny Q, S, and M buttons on the top right corner of the Request Panel to auto-complete the syntax for a Query, Subscription, and Mutation respectively.

You can run multiple queries from the playground itself, just click - set focus on the query area that you want to run and click on the Play button.

Note :

If you just want to use the sample GraphQL API, click on the Sample next to the Request. Voila! Now you know how to send your first request.