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Using variable within a query


  • configure GraphQL queries in which you want to pass the variable.
query GetHistory {  __typename  histories(limit: 10, offset: 10) {    id    flight {      details    }  }}


  1. After writing your query, navigate to the Variables area below the playground area. You can define the variable in JSON, Form and Table format. You'll notice, Query-name with Variable that represent the current query variable. In our example, we have query-name GetHistory, pass below variable in query variable are,
{  "limit": 10,  "offset": 10}
  1. Assign the same variable in Explorer tab with the $ and variable name, ie. $limit
  2. Now pass the function argument with variable name and variable-type as per below reference code,
query GetHistory($limit: Int!, $offset: Int!) {  __typename  histories(limit: $limit, offset: $offset) {    id    flight {      details    }  }}
  1. Hit the play button.

You can now use any variable same as the above instructions.