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Writing GraphQL queries


  • Adequate prior knowledge of GraphQL end-points and Queries.


  1. Select the POST method from the Method drop-down list.
  2. Set this SpaceX GraphQL API end-point in the URLbar input.
  3. Select the GraphQL queries item the Quick Body Type Selection section.
  4. Input a below query payload inside the Request Panel.
query launchesDetails{  __typename  launches {    details    id    is_tentative    launch_date_local    launch_date_unix    launch_date_utc    launch_site {      site_id      site_name    }    launch_success    launch_year  }}
  1. Hit the Send button in the URL bar to send your GraphQL request.
  2. Observe the response in the Response Panel.

This process is similar to that of sending an API request to the server, except the payload is a GraphQL query.