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Listening to events


  1. Enter server endpoint and connect successfully.
  2. Add emitters and send them to the server.

In this article, we'll learn all about the listeners.


  1. Navigate to the Emitter tab below the URL bar.

Add new listeners#

  1. Enter the listener's name and press enter or Add Listeners For example, enter new message. Up to this, we have just added the listeners. We're yet to listen to them.

Listing to the listeners#

To listing the events,

  1. Navigate to the right-side panel, you can find the listeners list in the dropdown.
  2. Click the dropdown, you'll find the added listeners, new message. Hover the listeners and click the Listen tab.
  3. As soon as you'll listen to the new message event, in the response tab you'll receive the L_ON event and Listening on the event: new message.