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Preparing emitter collection


  1. Write the emitter in the playground.


Navigate to the Emitter Tab, and stay around the Collection panel (left-side in message-tab).

  1. Click on the Add Folder icon, a small add folder form will appear
  2. Enter the name of the folder and hit enter. you can follow this step multiple times to create multiple folders.
  3. To create a sub-folder, first, select any parent folder from the collection and then follow step-2.
  4. Write an emitter body in the emitter-playground, enter the emitter nameand click on theSave` button below the Green-play send button.
  5. Enter an optional emitter label and select a folder from the list where you want to save this emitter. leave it empty to save the emitter at the root in the collection.

You've just prepared the collection, it's yet to save inside the request to save it permanently. 6. To save permanently, you'll need to save the whole request. Please follow this guide to achieve this.