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Emitting events


Enter server endpoint and connect successfully.

In this article, we'll learn all about emitters.


  1. Navigate to the Emitter tab below the URL bar.
  2. Emitter tab contained the 2 components. Collection and Emitter playground. We'll learn about the Emitters playground here. You can read on Collection from here.

Adding and sending emitters#

  1. Navigate to the Emitter playground and set the cursor to the Enter emitter name
  2. Enter the emitter's name. For example, in our example, it's a new message. Select the body type from JSON, Text, File, Array buffer, and Array buffer view. For example, select the Text and enter a message like Hello from SocketIO client.
  3. To send the emitter, click the Send button (Orange/Green button with a play icon.)

Passing the various arguments#

In Firecamp you can pass multiple arguments inside the emitter and test them.

  1. To add a new argument click + before the Arg 1.
  2. You can switch between the arguments to test the emitters and review the response.
  3. To remove the particular argument, click the X

Ack on callback#

To receive the Acknowledgement on Call back, check the Ack at the end of the arguments list.