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Configuring connections

In Firecamp, you can configure advance message request to test the websocket API. You can test multiple live connections, headers and query params.


Enter the server endpoint and enter the message payload you want to test.

Establishing multiple connections#

Firecamp offers functionality where you can connect your websocket server with multiple virtual clients and connections. You can either send a message to one or all. Below is the direction to understand how to create multiple clients and configure headers and query params.


Add new connection#

In Firecamp, by default, there is a Default connection already added.

  1. Go to Connections in the message playground. Click the + New Connection
  2. Add connection name.
  3. You can view all the current connections in the connection dropdown from the message playground and from the URL bar beside the connect button.

Switching between connection#

  1. You can either change the connection from the message playground or the URL bar in the middle dropdown before the save button.

Configure headers & query params#

There is 3 option to configured connections.

  1. Config

  2. Headers

  3. Query params

  4. Config :You can add some advanced level options like Ping and Ping Interval

  5. Headers By default in Firecamp, there is Sec-WebSocket-Extensions, Sec-WebSocket-Protocol and Sec-WebSocket-Version You add custom headers with Key and Value

  6. Query params You can pass the query params in request by adding the value of Key ad Value

    Remove connection#

  7. Select the connection that you would like to remove from the connection drop-down in the message playground.

  8. Click the Delete icon, besides the connection name.