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Observing bi-directional messages


Establish a connection to the server successfully.


  1. Connect the server endpoint successfully
  2. Send Message to the WS connection, You'll be able to see this message payload response side under the Default tab. Default tab represents the Default connection message (right side panel).
  3. If any event will be captured from the server-side then you'll also see them at the inspector panel as shown in the below video.
  4. The messages will be displayed under the table format like Event, Message, and Time.
  5. To view the entire message click any of the raw. The entire message body will display under the table.
  6. To Copy the message response, click the Copy icon right-down the corner.
  7. To clear the response tab, click the clear icon right side above the response table.
  8. Sometimes you only need to monitor the message from the server, at that time you can go on full-screen mode by clicking the open icon, right below the save button.