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Firecamp + AblyChannels = Fire-AblyChannels

What is ably?

Ably is a serverless infrastructure provider for the real-time Internet.

Ably solve the complex problems to do with building and maintaining a global data stream network, allowing developers and businesses to focus instead on building next-generation applications, services, and APIs.

What is ably channels?

Ably DSN service organizes the message traffic within applications into named channels.

Channels are the medium through which messages are distributed; clients attach to channels to subscribe to messages, and every message published to a unique channel is broadcast by Ably to all subscribers.

click here ( for more information about ably channels)

for more information see, Ably docs

Ably channels key features:
  1. Limitless subscribers
  2. Device & user presence
  3. Persisted data
  4. Flexible security
  5. Stream continuity
  6. Message ordering
What is Fire-AblyChannels?

Firecamp provides Fire-AblyChannels to test/debug ably channels in real-time that examines your ably channels.

It allows you to configure and connect ably, create and save ably channels and publish and subscribe events too.

How to outset Fire-AblyChannels?

To get Fire-AblyChannels click on AblyChannels

Yeah, you have explored Fire-AblyChannels

How Fire-AblyChannels implemented?

Fire-AblyChannels are implemented with these simple steps:

  1. Configure and connect ably channels.

  2. Create and subscribe to ably channels.

  3. Publish and subscribe to events accordingly channel.

If you want to save your request, you can save it too.