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What is pusher?

Pusher is the category leader in delightful APIs for app developers building communication and collaboration features.

What is pusher channels?

Pusher Channels provides real-time communication between servers, apps, and devices.

Pusher Channels are used for notifications, chat, gaming, web-page updates, IoT, and many other systems requiring real-time communication.

When something happens in your system, it can update web-pages, apps, and devices. When an event happens on an app, the app can notify all other apps and your system.

Pusher channels can be with type public, private and presence.

click here ( for more information about pusher channels)

for more information see, Pusher docs.

What is Fire-PusherChannels?

Firecamp provides Firecamp-PusherChannels to test/debug pusher channels in real-time. Fire-PusherChannels examines your pusher channels.

It allows you to configure and connect, create and save pusher channels.

You can subscribe channel also.

How to outset Fire-PusherChannels?

To get Fire-PusherChannels click on PusherChannels

Yeah, you have explored Fire-PusherChannels

Here is Fire-PusherChannels illustration, by this you can easily understand Fire-PusherChannels.

How Firecamp-PusherChannels implemented?

Firecamp-PusherChannels are implemented with these simple steps:

  1. Configure and connect pusher channels.

  2. Create and subscribe to pusher channels.

  3. Trigger and bind events accordingly channel.

If you want to save your request, you can save it too.