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What is subscribing channel in Fire-Pusher?

Fire-PusherChannels allows you to subscribe to channels. Channel subscribing is just an event that allows you to bind and trigger data payload to particular channels.

You can bind events in all types of channels public, a private, presence where you can trigger events from private and presence channels only.

subscribed channels are granted for binding events and trigger events to channel.

How to Subscribe channels?

To subscribe channel, Pusher must connect with belonging app key and cluster

You just have to click once and your channel is subscribed,

Click on round icon placed in the right bar channel

Subscribed channel at a glance

cheer, you have subscribed channel

Have a look, it's amazing!!!

Channel board

Channel board contains live feeds about subscribed channels. Channel board's functionality:

  • Subscribe/ unsubscribe channel
  • Notify about channel's all activities
  • Channel bind
    • add bind
    • bind event
    • unbind event
    • remove bind
  • Channel Trigger
    • add trigger
    • trigger event
    • trigger and save event

live feeds are like,

Event notifications:

  • you have bind Event, pusher:subscription_succeeded a few seconds ago

  • you have subscribed, public-chat a few seconds ago

  • you have unsubscribed, public-chat a few seconds ago

  • pusher connection - disconnected a few seconds ago

and so on...


Bind event to get a particular event payload.

Here Fire-PusherChannels provides inbuilt binds to bind inbuilt pusher channel events. Once you have connected pusher and subscribe channels, these events are bind automatically.

Inbuilt binds areas listed below with respect to channel type:

  • Public:

    • pusher:subscription_succeeded
  • Private:

    • pusher:subscription_succeeded
    • pusher:subscription_error
  • Presence:

    • pusher:subscription_succeeded
    • pusher:subscription_error
    • pusher:member_added
    • pusher:member_removed

Here is one case where the presence channel groupChat is subscribed. A new member named Alice added to this and send a message Hi. It will look like,

Add bind:

You can also bind your custom events.

Just enter bind name and hit enter or click on Bind. yes, you have bind an event.

Bind event:

If your pusher connection is already there, this custom event will automatically bind.

To bind event click on the checkbox before bind name and you have a binding event.

Unbind event:

You can unbind the event by clicking on the checkbox before bind name and you have a binding event.

Delete bind: If you have such a binds that are no longer needed, You can delete bind from here by clicking on the Delete icon.


Here you can add multiple triggers to trigger events from a particular channel only if you have Private or Presence channel.

Add trigger:

To add a trigger, you just have to follow these:

  • Add trigger name
  • Add trigger payload
  • Click on Trigger or Trigger & Save