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Emit an event from client to server

What is emitter?

Emitter is an event which is being emitted from client to server with or without payload data. Server will listen this emitter event to get notified when any client will emit the emitter. The emitter can have multiple payloads as an argument.

How to emit event using Fire-Socket?

1. Type emitter event name:

  • To emit an emitter, Enter emitter name. If you want to add multiple payload to emitter then follow step-2.

2. Add emitter payloads as arguments:

  • Add an payload in the Argument section. you can also add multiple arguments. here, you can write an argument in TEXT or in JSON format.

3. Emit event

  • To emit an event, click on Emit. If you want to save emitter with payload to re-use later, click on Emit & Save. you'll access these saved emitters from RightBar (Emitter collection)

When you click on Emit & Save it shows emitter feed in chat board and saves emitter in right bar.

Socket Id

You can get connected socket id from here: