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Terms & Conditions

Beta version

Firecamp releases new versions into Beta to prepare new features for production ready (General Availability).

The purpose of the Beta release applied for

  1. To gather the feedback from developers
  2. To understand the need for the new features
  3. To improve the product which can help to solve developers pain indeed

Features that will be released under the Beta will have the badge beta or β in the title or feature page.

By creating an account and using any features released in Beta, you agree to be bound by the General Availability terms as modified or supplemented by the Beta terms of service below.

In the event of any conflict between the Beta terms, and the General Availability terms of service, the Beta terms will take precedence in relation to Beta products to the extent only of such conflict.

The Beta terms will not apply to General Availability features.

These Beta terms and conditions are subject to change at any point without notice to you; it is your responsibility to ensure you have read and understood the terms that apply to Beta releases at all times.

Release time period

There is no set time limit for the Beta release period.

Products released in Beta may not ever be released into General Availability, but we will keep the product available as long as there is sufficient demand for the service.


Products released in Beta do not share a Support policy with those released in General Availability.

Because we are gathering feedback for Beta products, we have some realtime mechanisms such as Slack channels or via email.

We will not provide support for products in General Availability through these channels.

Recommended use

While products are released in Beta, we do not recommend relying on them for software projects already released in production.

We also do not recommend using products released in Beta for highly sensitive data.

Service abuse

We reserve the right to limit the activity of apps that cause issues.

While products are released in Beta, we will proactively manage system-wide usage to ensure that usage by one Customer does not affect service availability system-wide.

We will proactively communicate this to the app developer by email if an issue arises.


During the Beta release period, it is free to use the product.

We reserve the right to change this in the future.

Product updates

Products that are released in Beta are likely to change more frequently than those in General Availability.

This includes changes to APIs and SDKs that could result in breaking changes for developers using the service.

We will communicate known breaking changes to users actively using Beta products by email.

Reporting Vulnerabilities

Although we make security a top priority, products that are released in beta have not been tested for security vulnerabilities at the level that products released in general availability are tested.

While we encourage users to voice concerns about a product to us during the beta period.


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