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A Modern REST API client

Build your REST APIs much faster with Firecamp’s REST client. It's the most light-weight, IntelliSense, and the next-generation testing client to give the most delightful collaborative experience while building APIs in a team.

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Type your server API end-point
Specify the server endpoint and select a method to make a request.
Construct API body and inspect responses
Select the request body type (Multipart, JSON, URLEncode, etc...) and prepare the payload to send over the request body. The response will be shown in the right panel known as the response-panel.
Prepare a collection of requests
To make your requests reusable, sharable, and accessible for futuristic purposes, save them as a collection. It will be joyful to share and collaborate with a team once you save/prepare an API collection/Project.
Collaborate with your team in real-time
Invite your team members to work together exclusively with API collection collaboratively in real-time.

Firecamp simplifies my workflows because it includes everything I currently need for my work. No need to install or use separate tools for working with APIs. It also allows for scripting, so in my role as a Tester, I can easily write assertions in mocha style.
Pavel Saman
Tester at
Rest API Building Blocks
Interactive variables
Auto-complete and intuitive variable preview support throughout the GUI client
Protocol buffers
Serialize your request and response payload with protobuf schema interactively
Pre-Post Script
Intercept the request at the before and after a stage of the execution cycle
Code Snippet Generator
Generate code snippets for your current language and client in one click
A wider range of Auth mechanism
Intuitive support for basic to advance authentication types
Network timeline & Statistics
Review each millisecond your request has spent to travel at different stages of execution
GraphQL Intuitive Support
Using GraphQL with Restful APIs, get a similar experience without leaving the REST request tab
Body Mockers
Mock your body with mock variables, automate body payload
Mocha like a test script
Inbuilt support for Mocha like test case runner with visual reporting
Request History
Persistence history of executed requests to retrieve them back at a later time
Flexible Header & Cookie support
Extend your testing experience with out-of-the-box headers and cookie support
HTTP 1.0, HTTP 2.0, HTTP 3.0
Better support for improved HTTP protocol versions
Download Firecamp
Download Firecamps’ Desktop app or chrome extension or for easier integration, creation, and testing of APIs.
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