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Websocket Playground for your team

Debug bidirectional connection visually with WebSocket GUI client more precisely now. The only GUI client to test, debug, and visualize real-time or event-driven messages collaboratively.

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Connect your WS endpoint
Specify the WS endpoint to make a connection with your ws server.
Send message payload and track the message logs
Send messages conforming to the WS protocol over the TCP layer. Once the messages are sent or received, inspect them as client/server logs.
Prepare a collection of messages
Instead of writing various messages manually each time, save them in collection one time, you can quickly access them in one click in the future.
Collaborate with your team in real-time
Invite your team members to work together exclusively in real-time. Also, you can share exported collections offline too.

Our CTO Discovers me a Firecamp, and it was another world for me, everything was clear, I saw how servers send messages and in what many features are included. I think, For beginners in the Back-End world, especially in Sockets it is the first thing that One must do, Firecamp shows everything in a friendly manner. I can not put one benefit in the first place! Thank you so much for the excellent app.
Miloš Kovač
Python addict and Testing fanatic
Websocket Building Blocks
Message collection
Prepare a message collection just by saving messages into the collection, the same copy will be instantly available for every member of the team in real-time
Message History
Get previously sent messages from the Managed History of messages over given WS connection
Close connection with the status
Close the WebSocket connection with status and reason
WebSocket Native Config
Use advanced config options like reconnect, protocols, origins, etc to achieve advanced testing cases
Message Scripting
Write custom scripts to manipulate/automate the ws connection’s events
Code Snippet generator
Get ready to use code snippets for 10+ languages for WebSocket
Multiple Virtual connections
Connect multiple virtual connections from a single tab instead of multiple
Binary Payload support
Send widely adopted data formats like Text, JSON, Binary, ArrayBuffer, etc over a WebSocket connection
Headers & Protocols
Achieve advanced authentication with header and sub-protocol support
The major heartbeat of WS connection with ping/pong feature
No decent websocket client for websocket development. Firecamp makes it easy to collaborate with team members. This tool is the only useful websocket client that I know of. Great job building Firecamp!
Duncan Nevin
Software Developer
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Download Firecamps’ Desktop app or chrome extension or for easier integration, creation, and testing of APIs.
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