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Monitor every event happening in realtime
Events are being fired in last 24 hr
Developers are using Firecamp
Country reach
difference which let you be a step ahead
Message Collection
Save event messages in collection for future usage and team collaboration.
Chat-board like UI
Send and Receive socket events same like chat board. More realistic UI.
Text, JSON, Binary support
Supporting widely adopted data formats like Text, JSON, Binary, etc.
Companies which are trusting Firecamp
Productive Features
Code Snippets
Get ready to use code snippet for 10+ languages for WebSocket.
Events History
Get previously emitted events from managed History of events.
Close with Status
Always close WebSocket connection with status and reason.
Visual Components
Table, Chart, Form and many more. visualize all responses like an expert.
Organisation and Team management
Team of two, fifty or five hundred, Firecamp lets you manage and focus on what’s important rather manage a shifty stuff
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What Users Say About Us
With convenient and user-friendly applications like Firecamp, we save a significant amount of time on API development, and it doesn't matter which tech stack we use, REST API, WebSockets, GraphQL (we use it all actually :) ), Firecamp covers all our needs. Moreover, in the current world situation when almost all of us work from home it's matter to stay in touch, Firecamp helps our teams to sync their work between all members in seconds
Viktor Miroshnychenko
CTO at
Small pain needs big Relief
CURL import
Headers and Protocols
Save Event Messages
SSL Certificate
Dark Theme
Team Sync and Sharing
Mac, Windows, and Linux
Interesting assets of WebSocket
WebSocket Status
200 OKRealising Soon
Public WebSocket APIs
5000+Realising Soon
WebSocket APIs are
OpenSourceRealising Soon
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Generate queries, mutation, and subscriptions in a matter of seconds
Supercharge your Apis workflow with modern REST client
Monitor every event happening in realtime