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API Campsite for Modern Team
Execute and Manage APIs of your choice [HTTP, GraphQL, WebSocket,...]
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A complete IDE for API things
HTTP, Revamped blazing fast API executor
Revamped API client with Protobuf testing, multi-body support, and flexible auth.
  • Multipart, JSON, Protobuf
  • Automated script
  • Mock payload
  • 15+ languages code snippets
GraphQL, Intuitive, Slick & Fastest playground
The first ever collaborative playground to give the fastest experience with query generation and it's execution for modern team.
  • Explorer, generate queries in a second
  • Interactive variables
  • File upload support
  • Managed query collection
WebSocket, Visibility on every WS events
Eye-catching visual event monitoring and managed realtime event console to debug events like never before
  • Visibility on event
  • Save messages/events
  • Text, JSON, Binary support
  • Generate code snippets for any language
Productive Features
Protocol agnostic
You're using HTTP with MQTT or GraphQL with WebSocket? Nevermind, Friecamp supports every protocol.
Support all specifications
OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, RAML or spec of your choice. You have the freedom to write it in any format to reflect them in Firecamp.
Code generation
Grab the code-snippets for HTTP, GQL, WS, and others to save the time while implementing it in your codebase for your desired lang/lib.
Environment snippets
It gives more flexibility in testing while instant env switching, It lets you review the response quickly for dev, stage and prod environment.
Firecamp usecases
Firecamp covers plenty of usecases for software engineering, Below are the couple of them. Do you have any specific usecase in mind? we'd love to hear it.
Technical communication
Multi stack engineering often lacks tech-communication, Firecamp helps to improve it by giving transparency and visual things in a team.
Smooth onboarding
Onboarding is never easy, but It can be smooth if everything gets managed at a centralized platform for a new member. welcome them like never before
Collaborate everywhere
Have a team? Get synced with the latest state of your project every time.
Beautiful documentation
Keep the documents up to date all the time. no chance for out-of-sync.
What Users Say About Us
With convenient and user-friendly applications like Firecamp, we save a significant amount of time on API development, and it doesn't matter which tech stack we use, REST API, WebSockets, GraphQL (we use it all actually :) ), Firecamp covers all our needs. Moreover, in the current world situation when almost all of us work from home it's matter to stay in touch, Firecamp helps our teams to sync their work between all members in seconds
Viktor Miroshnychenko
CTO at