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Open Source Postman Alternative

Firecamp helps to build APIs 3x faster with great developer experience

Minimal yet Powerful

Navigate effortlessly through a clean and clutter-free interface, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—efficiently testing and collaborating on APIs

API Collection

Manage Collection of APIs to collaborate within team

API Playgrounds

Get instant playgrounds for your APIs. Rest, GraphQL and more.

API Collaboration

Collaborate with your team at centralize shared workspace.

API Documentation

Publish a beautiful API documentation for your team and community

API Test Runner

Run the API Collection visually within the platform


Run API Collection Tests in terminal or set in CI/CD pipeline


Set values in variables to reuse in whole platform dynamically

Web & Desktop App

Get Web and Desktop apps whichever is suitable for your API workflow


Test and Debug your auth endpoints with range of supported auths

Firecamp is a truly Multi-protocol Platform, which offers end-to-end solution for protocols with dedicated Playground.

Embrace the Power of Open Source with Pride

We believe in the power of collaboration and community. and that's why
we're proudly open-source!

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Loved by developers

They have reason to trust Firecamp, listen them on their own words

All in one solution for my team

Not only is Firecamp more accessible for developers of smaller projects or startups, but it boasts all the features that we've come to love from incumbent solutions and much, much more. My bet is on Firecamp as the next must-have developer productivity tool.

🚀 In addition to that, I don't have to download and manage several different tools, hold different subscriptions, and file issues on different projects when something doesn't work. Everything is all in one place

Mansib Rahman
CEO at Radish

Great team collaboration experience

Firecamp's team syncing feature has made our life's much easier. It's like google docs collaboration for your API.We were looking for an all-in-one REST, WebSockets, GraphQL Client, with real-time team syncing. That's exactly why we picked Firecamp over Postman or Insomnia Client

CEO at Parker

It made my GraphQL workflow easy

Currently, I'm enjoying the ability to get graphQL endpoint schemas just by clicking a button. Aside from that, the team has done a great job with the graphQL query builder. Hands down there is no better client for testing graphQL APIs.

Duncan Nevin
Software Developer

The only Complete API Devtool

Being a developer, testing tools are a must to me and after working with several projects (API-based as well as socket-based) I had to use several different apps to test my services.

After being introduced to Firecamp, I was relieved from those several apps. I can do almost all kinds of testing with Firecamp and the most amazing fact is I get to share my endpoint details and socket event directly to my team without any kind of special documentation ( quite similar to postman but much simpler ). To conclude, I'm addicted to its efficiency as it helps in the enhancement of my productivity

Software developer

Let the API Campsite be your home!