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Collaborative GraphQL Playground for your team

Experience a seamless process while performing GraphQL operations, and collaborate with your team to prepare, share, and export your query collection

GraphQL Playground Building Blocks

1Query CollectionSave queries, mutations and subscriptions in a collection for future purpose
2ExplorerGenerate queries on the fly without having a knowledge of prior schema. just click and generate.
3Intuitive VariablesSwitching frequently between queries? get auto-generated variables from queries very quickly.
4Multipart File UploadUpload single or multiple files at a time with just a couple of clicks.
5Magical PlaygroundIt's really a magical, paste, add any queries. switch between, no limits. and save those into a collection
6GraphQL Doc ExplorerGet a zero-maintenance document from the GraphQL schema, never be out of sync.
7Code Snippet GeneratorCode Snippet Generator
8Query HistoryAuto managed history for previously fired query requests. one click to access them
9Introspection ViewerAn intuitive multi-purpose introspection viewer to review server schema

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