Getting Started


Welcome the Firecamp Doc 👋

Firecamp is a Multi protocol API development platform designed to simplify and streamline the process of testing, debugging, and developing APIs. It offers dedicated GUI playgrounds that help in building APIs faster together.

This is the official documentation of Firecamp. Let's jump to learn how to use Firecamp to build APIs faster. Below are quick points for you to get started with Firecamp.

Sending request

  • HTTP
  • GraphQL
  • SocketIO
  • WebSocket

Create Firecamp account

Create Firecamp account with Github, Gmail or Email and save your collection and APIs in safe cloud.

Collaborate with your team

Create workspace and collaborate with your team on API projects. Create collection, save request and manage APIs togather.

Import collection from other platform

Firecamp is postman compatible. You can import the postman collection inside Firecamp.