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Changelog #002: Firecamp 3.1.0

Changelog #002: Firecamp 3.1.0

Firecamp v3.1.0 is a new and improved version of a tool. With this iteration you'll get the new sharpen and beautiful theming options. New eye catching icons which can truly shine the devtool. And all new authentication experience.

What has been improved?

1. Theming

→ One of the standout additions is the implementation of the themes with primary and secondary color options in orange/green variants. This fresh theme not only adds a touch of vibrancy but also offers users more theming choices. We're also thinking for the greater level of customization.

2. Authentication Experience

→ Additionally, our authentication modals have been thoughtfully moved to the side drawer, optimizing the layout and allowing for smoother navigation. Not to mention, the refactoring of prompts with new APIs and the introduction of the @mantine/modals library bring a new level of user interaction to Firecamp.

3. Icon Improvements

→ We have also kicked off the migration of icons to the lucide icons library, enhancing the visual aesthetics of the platform.

Alongside several bug fixes and technical improvements, this release is set to improve the DX for your API development journey.