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GraphQL Playground for your team

Perform GraphQL operations with a seamless experience. Prepare, Share, and Export your Query Collection collaboratively with your team.

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Type the GraphQL end-point
From your GraphQL endpoint, Firecamp fetches the introspection schema to give you an autonomous/interactive experience of preparing queries and generating beautiful documentation.
Prepare query and execute it
You can leverage the power of query explorer, generate your query by just check/uncheck explorer properties instead of writing it from scratch.
Save the queries as collections
Push your playground queries/operations to the collection. Now you don’t need to rewrite/remember the queries anymore. You can always fetch it from the collection in just one click.
Collaborate with your team in real-time
Invite your team members to work together exclusively in real-time. The previously prepared collection will be available for all members to collaborate on it.

Before we had to manually send json files of the query changes. Now we just save our query in Firecamp and it automatically syncs for everyone on our team.
Milan Ray
Founder at Parker
GraphQL Building Blocks
Query Collection
Save queries, mutations and subscriptions in a collection for future purpose.
Generate queries on the fly without having a knowledge of prior schema. just click and generate.
Intuitive Variables
Switching frequently between queries? get auto-generated variables from queries very quickly.
Multipart File Upload
Upload single or multiple files at a time with just a couple of clicks.
Magical Playground
It's really a magical, paste, add any queries. switch between, no limits. and save those into a collection.
GraphQL Doc Explorer
Get a zero-maintenance document from the GraphQL schema, never be out of sync.
Code Snippet Generator
Get ready to use code snippets for 10+ languages.
Visual Components
Table, Chart, Form and many more. visualize all responses like an expert.
Query History
Auto managed history for previously fired query requests. one click to access them.
Introspection Viewer
An intuitive multi-purpose introspection viewer to review server schema.
I switched from the playground (graphiql) because it couldn't persist or securely store as well as export the workspace. Firecamp has helped me to build GraphQL APIs faster with the persistence of workspace, using variables in needed places (auth token headers), easy to switch environments, export workspace option, desktop app.
Ashish Patil
Co-founder and Tech Lead at MySyara
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Download Firecamps’ Desktop app or chrome extension or for easier integration, creation, and testing of APIs.
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