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SocketIO Playground for your team

Monitor each emitters’ and listeners’ events visually over a bi-directional SocketIO connection. It enables you to collaborate with the team over a SocketIO event-driven API building.

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Type your WS endpoints
Provide a server end-point to make the bi-directional connection between Firecamp (as a client) and your server.
Set Emitters, Listeners, and Observe the Event logs
Set the emitter with body payload and send it over to the connection. On an appropriate server listener, you’ll receive message events in real-time, observe them as event logs visually with table or preview mode.
Prepare a collection of emitters
Once established, save the emitter’s payload as collections for reuse purposes. It will enable the possibility of re-use, share, export, and collaboration with the team.
Collaborate with your team in real-time
Invite your team members to work together collaboratively, each change made in the configuration or collection will get synced in real-time with the rest of the team members.

Earlier we're facing the issue of a Lack of collaboration tools on socket development. With the help of Firecamp, Teams can now work independently and collaboratively and easily share SocketIO configurations, Emitters, listeners.
Pritesh Kumar
Founder at Fanplay Technologies
SocketIO Building Blocks
Emitter collection
Prepare an emitter collection for futuristic purposes to share with the team instantly, just save emitters in the collection.
Code Snippet Generator
Get ready to use code snippets for 10+ languages for SocketIO libs and clients.
Auto listen to listeners
Configure listeners to automatically listen on request open or any state of connection lifecycle.
Header & Query Params
Enable seamless authentication experience with header and cookie support.
Multiple virtual connections
No need to open multiple tabs to test multiple ws connections, create any number of virtual connections within the same tab.
Ack Support
Get an acknowledged callback in the response of Emitter, See it in event logs with reference.
Emitter History
Get previously emitted events from the managed History of emitters.
Review the heartbeat events of an active connection.
SocketIO Native configuration
Get advanced configuration options to achieve advanced use case of SocketIO connection like reconnect, delay, attempts, etc.
SocketIo Scripting
Automate certain event-based actions with scripting features for SocketIO emitter and listener.
Did not find an app that can integrate my socketIO server to help me during development. Firecamp helps me with testing and managing my SocketIO and GraphQL servers and APIs. Being able to manage multiple types of APIs simultaneously.
Software Engineer
Download Firecamp
Download Firecamps’ Desktop app or chrome extension or for easier integration, creation, and testing of APIs.
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