Getting Started

Getting Started with WebSocket Playground

The WebSocket Playground in Firecamp allows you to quickly and easily interact with WebSocket-based APIs. Follow the steps below to get started:

Enter Your WebSocket Endpoint

In the WebSocket Playground interface, enter the WebSocket endpoint URL of the API you wish to connect to. Ensure that the URL is correct and includes the necessary protocol (e.g., ws:// or wss://).

Click on Connect Button

Once you have entered the WebSocket endpoint, click on the "Connect" button. Firecamp will establish the WebSocket connection to the specified endpoint.

View Event Logs

The event logs table/panel will display the connection status, providing you with a success or error event log. Use the event logs to monitor the connection status and troubleshoot any potential issues.

Send Messages

To send a WebSocket message, type your desired message in the editor provided within the WebSocket Playground. The editor supports both textual and binary data, allowing you to craft the content according to your API's specifications.

View Sent Events

After sending a WebSocket message, you will see a corresponding log entry in the event logs table/panel. Look for the log entry with an up arrow icon to indicate that the message has been successfully sent.

Receive Server Events

As the WebSocket server responds with events or messages, you will see them displayed in the event logs table/panel. Look for the log entries with a down arrow icon to indicate the received events from the server.