Team Collaboration
Manging members

Team workspace overview

Team workspaces serve as shared environments where multiple team members can collaborate on API collections.

In this guide you'll learn below operations.

1. Creating team workspace

2. Inviting team members

3. Managing members

4. Managing workspace

To invite team member to workspace, follow the below steps,

  1. Navigate and click Create dropdown in the upper right side.
  2. Click the Invite members option from dropdown.
  3. Invite members popup will open.
  4. Enter the name and email of team member in this formate name,email. ie alice,
  5. You can also select the role of member by selecting the invite member as Collaborator or Admin. To learn more about the roles from here.
  6. Once you add the name and email click the Send Invitation button.

This will send the workspace invitation on the entered email address.