Playground Collection

The Playground Collection in Firecamp provides you with a centralized and collaborative environment for managing your GraphQL playgrounds. With a range of powerful features, it empowers you to streamline your API development workflow and facilitate efficient teamwork.

Save Multiple Playgrounds

Within the Playground Collection, you have the flexibility to create multiple playgrounds within the same request. This feature allows for easy organization and separation of different API operations, ensuring a clean and structured development process.

By saving a playground, you can capture and store the GraphQL queries, mutations, and subscriptions you have created. This functionality ensures that your valuable API operations are preserved for future reference and reuse.

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Open Saved Playgrounds

The Playground Collection allows you to access and open any previously saved playground at any time in the future. This feature ensures easy retrieval and execution of GraphQL operations, eliminating the need to recreate them from scratch.

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Delete and Update Playgrounds

In the Playground Collection, you have the ability to delete or update your saved playgrounds as needed. This ensures that your collection remains relevant and up to date, allowing you to manage your GraphQL operations effectively.

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Collaborative Work

Firecamp promotes collaborative development by enabling you to share your playground collections with team members. You can work together, sharing your collections of GraphQL operations with others. This feature fosters seamless collaboration, knowledge sharing, and improved productivity within teams.