Emitter Collection

Emitter Collection

The Emitter Collection feature in the SocketIO Playground allows you to save, manage, and document your emitters, making it easier to reuse and collaborate on your event driven projects.

Key Features

Save and Document Emitters

With the Emitter Collection, you can save your emitters, including the event name, payload, and additional documentation. This allows you to create a library of commonly used emitters and provide context and details about each emitted event.

The emitter documentation feature is currently under development

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Organize and Categorize Emitters

The Emitter Collection allows you to organize your saved emitters into folders or categories. You can create a hierarchical structure to keep your emitters well-organized and easily navigable, facilitating efficient event management.

Edit and Delete Emitters

You have the flexibility to edit or delete saved emitters as per your requirements. This allows you to update the event name, payload, or any other details associated with the emitter, ensuring accuracy and relevance throughout your development process.

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Collaborate with Team

The Emitter Collection supports collaboration, enabling you to share your saved emitters with teammates. This promotes teamwork and allows for seamless collaboration on event-driven projects.

Import and Export

The Emitter Collection supports importing and exporting your emitter collection. This feature allows you to share your collection with teammates or backup your emitters for safekeeping, ensuring continuity and easy sharing of emitted events.

This feature is currently under development

By utilizing the Emitter Collection in the SocketIO Playground, you can streamline your development workflow, save time by reusing emitters, collaborate effectively with your team, and maintain a well-documented repository of emitted events.