Rest APIs
Headers & Params

Headers and Params

The Headers and Params section in the REST API Playground allows you to set headers and parameters for your API requests, providing flexibility and customization options.


You can easily add custom headers to your requests by specifying the header name, value, and description. Headers are commonly used for authentication, authorization, or specifying content types. The REST API Playground allows you to include multiple headers to tailor your requests to meet specific API requirements.

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Predefined Headers

In addition to custom headers, the REST API Playground also offers the convenience of predefined headers. These predefined options may include commonly used headers like "Content-Type" that are frequently used in API requests. This feature helps streamline the process of setting up headers for your requests quickly.


Params, also known as parameters, can be added to your API requests to provide additional information or filter data. The REST API Playground supports two types of params: query params and path params.

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Query Params

Query params are appended to the URL and are used for various purpose like, to filter, sort, or paginate data. You can include multiple query params in your requests to customize the response based on your requirements.

Example URL with Query Params:

Path Params

Path params are placeholders within the URL path that are replaced with actual values when making the request. They are used to specify a specific resource or identify a unique entity.

Example URL with Path Params: