Event Logs

Event Logs

The Event Logs section in the WebSocket Playground provides a comprehensive view of the WebSocket connection activity and message exchange. It allows you to monitor the status of the connection, track sent and received messages, and troubleshoot any potential issues.

Logs will include the following information

  1. Connection Status: The event logs display the current status of the WebSocket connection, indicating whether it is connected, disconnected, or encountering any errors. This status information helps you quickly identify the state of the connection.

  2. Sent and Received Messages: The event logs show a chronological record of the messages sent and received over the WebSocket connection. Each log entry provides details about the direction of the message, the message content, and the timestamp.

  3. Error Handling: In case of any errors during the WebSocket connection or message exchange, the event logs highlight the specific error information. This helps you identify and troubleshoot issues that may arise during communication.

  4. Timestamps: Each log entry in the event logs is accompanied by a timestamp, allowing you to track the sequence of events and analyze the timing of the WebSocket interactions.

By leveraging the event logs in the WebSocket Playground, you can effectively monitor the WebSocket connection, track message exchanges, and diagnose any potential issues that may occur during real-time communication.