Message Collection

Message Collection

The Message Collection feature in the WebSocket Playground provides a powerful way to manage and organize WebSocket messages. It allows you to save, retrieve, and collaborate on messages exchanged during your WebSocket interactions. Following are the key features of Message Collection

Save Messages

With the Message Collection, you can save WebSocket messages at the root level or within specific folders. This feature enables you to categorize and organize your messages for easy access and reference.

Open Saved Messages

You can open any saved message from the Message Collection directly in the WebSocket Playground. This allows you to resend the message over the WebSocket connection, facilitating quick testing and interaction with your WebSocket API.

Delete Messages

The Message Collection allows you to delete unwanted or outdated messages. This helps you maintain a clean and relevant collection, ensuring that only necessary messages are stored for future use.

Request Documentation

The Message Collection automatically generates documentation for your WebSocket requests. This documentation provides a summary of the message, including the request URL, headers, and payload. It serves as a useful reference for documenting your WebSocket interactions.

This feature is currently under development

Import and Export

The Message Collection allows you to import and export message collections. This feature facilitates the sharing of message collections across different instances of Firecamp or with other team members. You can import collections to quickly populate your workspace or export collections for backup or sharing purposes.

This feature is currently under development

With the Message Collection in the WebSocket Playground, you can effectively save, manage, collaborate, and document your WebSocket messages, enhancing your WebSocket development workflow.