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Firecamp Agents

Firecamp Agents provide different execution environments for your API requests within Firecamp. There are three types of Firecamp Agents:

1. Browser Agent

When using the Browser Agent, requests are executed from the browser environment. However, there may be limitations due to CORS errors.

2. Cloud Agent

The Cloud Agent allows requests to be executed from Firecamp's secure cloud infrastructure. However, keep in mind that there are limitations, such as the inability to connect to your localhost server from the cloud server.

3. Browser Extension Agent

Extension Agent is under development, will be releasing soon.

By installing the Firecamp extension, you can execute requests from the browser's extension. This helps you avoid CORS issues and provides a seamless experience.

Each Firecamp Agent type offers unique benefits and considerations, allowing you to choose the most suitable environment for your API testing and development needs.

Agent Comparison

The below table provides an overview of the different Firecamp Agents, including the execution environment and any associated limitations. It can serve as a quick reference for understanding the characteristics of each agent type.

AgentRequest ExecutionLimitationSolution
Browserfrom Browser environmentMay encounter CORS errors1. allow https://firecamp.dev (opens in a new tab) domain in your CORS policy or
2. use CORS Extension (opens in a new tab) to bypass CORS. please read below note on CORS
Cloudfrom Firecamp's secure cloudCannot connect to localhost serversuse browser or extension agent for localhost server
Browse Extensionfrom Browser's extension environmentNeed to install extensionworks fine with browser extension

Note: Firecamp is actively working on developing a Chrome Extension Agent that will address CORS and other browser limitations to provide a seamless testing experience directly within the Firecamp platform. This agent will help you overcome the CORS restrictions that may occur while making API requests.

In the meantime, if you encounter CORS-related issues, we recommend using third-party Chrome extensions like CORS Unblock (opens in a new tab). These extensions can temporarily bypass CORS restrictions in your browser, allowing you to test your APIs without being hindered by CORS errors.

Please note that third-party extensions are developed and maintained by external providers. Exercise caution when installing and using any extension, and ensure that it aligns with your security and privacy requirements.

Stay tuned for updates on the release of the Firecamp Chrome Extension Agent (opens in a new tab), which will provide a native solution for handling CORS and other browser limitations, enhancing your API testing experience within Firecamp.