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๐Ÿš€ Getting started...

Welcome to Firecamp Doc! ๐Ÿ‘‹

Firecamp helps Dev Team to test and manage APIs type like [HTTP, WS, GraphQL, MQTT, ...] The entire team can be in the same place while developing, testing, monitoring, and documenting the APIs.

This is the official documentation of Firecamp. Let's jump to learn how to use Firecamp to build APIs faster. Below are quick points for you to get started with Firecamp.

Sending first request#

  • HTTP
  • GraphQL
  • SocketIO
  • WebSocket

Creating workspace and collection#

Firecamp workspace allows you to manage various API projects and request across your team.

Collaborate with your team#

Firecamp collaboration lets you work with your team. Invite your team member to the team workspace and work together.

Submitting feedback#

We are always on look out to have your advice/suggestion/feedback on Firecamp. You can

  1. Submit changes to improve documentation and
  2. Raise issues to request new functionality, fix documentation or for reporting bugs.

Code of Conduct#

add COC page redirect here.

Join the Community#

For any further questions, please join the vibrant community over discord server.

Awesome, next step is to install the Firecamp app in your system to test your first API call.